The Wiccan Lady




The Wiccan Lady offers a selection of holistic, spiritual and Wiccan courses on a one to one or group basis. Our inhouse courses all include a workbook to take away, lunch, water, hot drinks and ongoing contact and support, as well as a fun filled day of learning and activities.

One to one courses can be arranged for any day of the week and usually run 10am-4.30pm, although we are happy to fit in with your family and work commitments if you contact us before booking.

Group courses can be great fun if you want to meet new people or have a group of like minded friends who all want to learn together.

Psychic & Spiritual Development

This is a one day course with a month interval between each level.  You will learn about meditation, how to connect to spirit, recognising your own abilities, 6th sense, grounding exercises, Who your spirit guide is? connecting to aura and aura drawing and working with different psychic tools such as Tarot, scrying, psychometry, dowsing and spiritual writing among other exercies and fun tests.  

Wicca - What's it all about?

This course covers all the aspects a beginner wants to know from what are Sabbats and how we celebrate them, do you need an altar - where and how.  The Wiccan Rede, Rule of Three, Spell work, Herbs, Book of Shadows (Grimoire), tools of the trade and much much more.  This is a really fun and informative course with lots to take away and try.

Each level includes a small box of treats to take away with you like herbs, charms, candles, crystals, parchment posters etc. 

Indian Head Massage
from 20.00

This is a 2 day course and covers an introduction to IHM, the benefits and advantages of the treatment, conditions benefited, contra-indications, how to create a consultation form, how to give aftercare advice, oils to use, the massage movements and routine, a theory test and then at a later date a practical test.  You will receive and give treatments during the training and will have to give 3 treatments with feedback before returning for the practical.

from 75.00

I teach the Usui, Tibetan system of natural healing.  You will be attuned and taught about Reiki and its different levels, from healing yourself, to healing others, distance work, psychic surgery and teaching others how to learn Reiki.

You can do as many or few of the levels as you feel is right, but there must be at least 1 month between levels for you to practise.  The contant is indepth and you will receive attunements to the level you are training for as well as giving and receiving treatments during the course.  Level 1 & 2 are 1 day courses, level 3 is a 2 day course.

Crystal Therapy, Healing and Awareness

This is a 1 day course covering crystal and colour therapy, what crystals to choose, crystal meditation, aura work and exercises, grounding exercises, dowsing, what are chakras, choosing crystals, cleaning and charging, chakra balancing, slef treatment and crystal layouts.

You will give and receive a treatment and have the opportunity to purchase crystals and dowsers if you want to.  We do advice you bring your own with you if you already have them.

Hedgewitch 101

The complete beginners course to the branch of paganism known as the hedgewitch. During this course we will cover, what is hedgewitchery, what makes you different to other witches, Sabbats & Esbats, meditation & trance work, elements and elementals, nature & herbs, and so much more, this is a fun packed day with lots of ideas and a little goody bag to take home. It’s fascinating learning how to “ride the hedge” and converse with unicorns, fairies and brownies.

This course costs £75.00 and includes a workbook, goody bag, lunch, all refreshment and continued support via email, text, phone, and Facebook.

Magical Herbalism Course

Each level of this course has a lot of fun ideas and recipes for herbs and discusses the herbs you can grow in your garden, those we are unable to grow in our climate and how to ensure you only get the best results. Other topics covered include “What to do with the herbs you grow, how to dry them and store them.”, “Remedies, household products, and ancient ways.”, and “Toxic or edible herbs and barks.”

This course includes a workbook for each level, bag of goodies to take home, lunch and all refreshments plus as much additional support as required via phone, email, text or my FB group.

Kitchen Witch Course Level 1 & 2

The complete beginners course to the branch of paganism known as the kitchen witch. This course runs over 2 days, covering the basics and followed by much deeper information and preparations.

Level 1
What is a kitchen witch? Do you need a gardens & tools? Food correspondences, keeping the home clean with magic. How to make child/pet and environmentally safe household products, how to make a smudge stick, choosing plants, preparing, storing and cooking with herbs and things to consider in a kitchen witches garden.

Level 2
Making magical items and using magic to make household items. Make a witches bottle, a magic sachet and an infusion on the day. Learn how to make ointments. poultices and poppets at home. Herbal first aid and treatments, simple magic, Goddess & spirits to work with and timings, seasonal and Lunar.